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A fierce and fiery agent of the divine...
Alternate Names/Spellings Aatxegorri, Etsai
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Alignment Lawful Good, Lawful Neutral, Chaotic Good, Chaotic Neutral
Element Aether/Quintessence/Divine Essence, Darkness/Shadow, Fire, Lightning/Thunder/Electricity
Species Magical Beast, Shapeshifter, Divine Agent
Appearance Various (though, commonly a flaming red bull)...


The Aatxe is a creature with origins in Spanish and French mythology, legend and folklore. In particular, record of its existence originates within the mythology, legend and folklore of the Basque Country, between Spain and France.

Judging from bovine cave drawings in the area (depicting bulls, oxen and aurochs), it is safe to assume that accounts of the creature's existence date back to the prehistoric Paleolithic era.

Aatxe are said to be divine agents of (or, sometimes avatars) of the Basque goddess Mari.


While their divine nature affords the Aatxe the ability to assume a number of different appearances, the most common mien in which they have been known to appear is actually that of a large and powerful red bull, enveloped in flame.

It is unknown what this implies about the genders of Aatxe (whether female Aatxe exist, or even if they have any gender at all). In fact, it is unknown whether the flaming bull is the Aatxe's true form, or just one of numerous disguises to conceal its true mien.


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As agents of the divine, one of an Aatxe's roles is that of a guardian spirit, especially over the treasures of the earth. For this reason, they often reside within mountain caves, caverns and hollows.

Though, another role of an Aatxe is to punish criminals and other evil people. To do this, an Aatxe emerges from their cave at night to search for any potential ne'er-do-wells.

Aatxe are also especially active during storms, on the logic that no one would be out at night, or during a storm, unless they were up to no good. Among those who really anger an Aatxe, are those who show disrespect toward Earth, spirits and sacred rituals, as well as liars and cheaters (especially if they cheat the Aatxe's goddess, Mari).

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"It's the Aatxe! Run!"

Though, an Aatxe is more than a punisher of the wicked. It will also help protect morally upstanding people, by warning them, when they know that danger is near.


Due to their nature as agents of the divine, Aatxe are capable of assuming many forms, among the most common of which are that of a man, goat, pig, horse, or even a dragon.

There is also a fiery aura that surrounds the Aatxe; one might assume that this aura could be suppressed, if the creature so desired (in order to be more subtle and believable in whichever other form it takes), though this has yet to be shown.

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