Abarimon (Race)
Alternate Names/Spellings (pl) Abarimones
Origins Greek and Roman Mythology, Legend and Folklore
Element Earth/Metal/Sand
Species Humanoid
Appearance Savage backward-footed humanoid...


The Abarimon is a creature with origins in Greek and Roman mythology, legend and folklore. Their existence is first documented in texts from Ancient Greece (specifically by Megasthenes, and in Natural History, by Pliny the Elder).

The racial name of the Abarimones comes from the Latin word ab (meaning 'at, to or within'), as well as arima (meaning 'rocky mountainous country'), giving the meaning of their full race name as 'mountain-dweller'.


Abarimones appear similar to ordinary humans, with the exception that they have feet which are turned backward. Also, they are almost invariably seen with few clothes, or without clothes at all.


The behavior of the Abarimones is what many (if not most) would consider savage. They are tribal, highly valuing members of the tribe who are strongest and fastest, regardless of gender.

Likewise, they live in the same places as the animals they eat, without caring to build their own shelters. They only take shelter that is naturally available within their native home, around the Himalayan Mountains.

What's more, they never leave the Himalayas. Due to a life of living in a different breathing atmosphere, they can never depart the mountain range, without fear of shortly facing fatality by suffocation. Over generations, fear of departing the Himalayas has become more ingrained into the Abarimones' instincts.



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