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"Anyone here speak Aleut?"
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Alignment Lawful Evil, Neutral Evil, Chaotic Evil
Element Earth
Species Monstrous Humanoid (Chimera)
Appearance Red-furred canine humanoid


The Adlet (Erqigdlet) is a creature with origins in North American Inuit mythology.


The Adlet very much resembles the classic Werewolf, although the Adlet is not a shapeshifter. The creature is covered in red fur, possessing sharp talons on its hands and feet, and has a mouthful of daggerlike teeth. They have other lupine features as well, including pronounced snouts, pointed ears, long tails, and eerie yellow eyes.

The tribe approaches...


The Adlet is a merciless killer, stalking its prey in packs through the wilderness of the northern-most regions of America and well into Canada. As mentioned earlier, the Adlet will feed on anything in desperation. However, the Adlet prefers to drink the warm blood of a newly-slain human (it also eats the flesh with an equal amount of relish). The Adlet may be feral and of limited intelligence, but the creature is extremely cunning.

The Adlet hunts in large packs, attempting to overwhelm prey through sheer strength of numbers. The leader, an Alpha male that can be identified easily because it is larger and more ferocious than the others, leads the pack. The pack’s approach is marked by their piercing, mournful howls. This paralyzes the creature’s prey with fear, making them easier to subdue. The prey’s death is slow and extremely painful, the Adlet’s strong, bone-crushing jaws reducing the victim to an unrecognizable pulp. Then a bloody, gut-churning feast follows. The only thing that the Adlet truly fears is fire. The creature is deathly afraid of an open flame, and will only attack a torch-wielding Hunter when on the verge of starvation. Also, when the pack leader is killed, the rest of the pack will usually flee. However, this isn’t always the case…

The Adlet is purely carnivorous, feeding only on the flesh and blood of other animals. Capable of surviving on any kind of food (including roots, fungi, and various types of vegetation), the creature will only eat these things if its preferred food is not to be had. Above all, the Adlet prefers human flesh and blood to anything else. The bones of the creature’s victims are cracked open and the marrow sucked out.

The Adlet can be found in the wild regions of Quebec, Labrador, Newfoundland, and all lands to the north.


The Adlet possesses a supernatural degree of strength, agility, endurance, and speed. The creature’s senses (especially the senses of sight, smell, and hearing) are extremely acute. The Adlet is able to see clearly in the dark, can smell a fresh human corpse from a mile away, and can hear the approach of the stealthy hunter. As well as the creature’s physical abilities, the Adlet is immune to conventional forms of injury. The creature heals any wounds that are not caused by silver or fire very quickly.