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Brachiipotentes Crainiofractans
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Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Species Magical Beast (Simian)
Appearance A tree ape with long arms.


A creature common to the northern forests of the United States, popular opinion is that it is a smaller, tree dwelling cousin of the Sasquatch.


The Agropelter appears to be a thin ape like creature about the size of an orangutan. It’s most prominent feature are its long, muscular, whiplike arms.


The Agropelter makes its home in the hollows of trees. When threatened, it will break off dead branches from the tree and hurl them with deadly accuracy. For this reason it will always chose a tree that has an abundance of dead branches. Its primary died is owls and woodpeckers. Its pups and always born in odd numbers on February 29th.


The Agropelter possesses long, thin, muscular arms, which it uses to throw dead branches with deadly accuracy. These arms also allow it to travel quickly from tree to tree, and give it remarkable free climbing prowess.