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"My, aren't you handy?"
Alternate Names/Spellings Damavykas, Gausinėlis, Kaukas, Koklikas, Pūkis, Sparyžius, Spirukas, Žaltvikšas
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Element Earth/Metal/Sand, Fire, Life/Death/Blood, Light, Luck/Fate/Fortune, Metal, Time
Species Magical Beast (Shapeshifter)
Appearance Flame-tailed rooster (indoors), dragon (outdoors)


The Aitvaras is a creature with origins in Lithuanian mythology, legend and folklore.


Indoors, it takes the form of a black, fiery-tailed rooster, but outdoors it transforms into a black dragon or serpent. When flying, its tail resembles a comet, and it is often mistaken as such.


The Aitvaras commonly will adopt a family it likes if it is enticed into it. It will steal food, money, and other valuables from neighboring houses (commonly rich ones), to provide for its family. Some versions of the myth state that it is a tempter, and will gradually take the souls of everyone in the household.


The Aitvaras can shift between a black rooster and a dragon and can fly in either form. It can also steal the souls of the family it is bound to.


It can be pacified with the offering of an omelet.

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