Harbinger of storms...
Alternate Names/Spellings
Origins Slavic Mythology
Alignment Lawful Neutral, Neutral Good
Element Air/Wind/Sky, Darkness/Shadow, Ice, Life/Death/Blood, Lightning/Thunder/Electricity, Water
Species Humanoid (Shapeshifter)
Appearance Stark, serious sky-hued woman (among others)...

Also Called

  • (pl) Ale/(pl) Ali
  • Hala/(pl) Hale/(pl) Hali


The Ala is one of a race of creatures with origins in Slavic mythology, legend and folklore. In particular, accounts of its existence first arise in the mythology, legend and folklore of Bulgaria, Macedonia, and Serbia.

The name "Ala" has a number of linguistic connections, indicative of various aspects of its nature: the Serbian & North Macedonian word "lamnja" (connected to the Greek word "Λάμια" or "Lamia") is synonymous with the Ala. Similarly, the Turkish word "ala" means "snake".

There is also the Greek word "χάλαζα" or "xalaza"/"khalaza"/"chalaza", meaning "hail". Furthermore, the Kashubian/Cassubian Slavic language has a word "hała", meaning "a large creature/thing". And perhaps most intriguingly, both the name "Hala" and "Ala" have a connection to the Early Slavic word "xala", derived from the root "xal", indicating a force of nature, or the fury of the elements.


Due to their shapeshifting nature, Ale can be seen in a number of different forms. Though, their true form is that of a woman whose skin, hair and eyes reflect some aspect of the sky (ie bright blue like a clear day, dark gray like stormy weather, deep indigo like midnight).



There is some potential for people to gain the favor of an Ala. Feats which have been known to get on the good side of an Ala include referring to them with terms of endearment (ie "Mother"), tending to their "pets" (forest animals which live around their home, especially owls, wolves and badgers) and not remarking negatively on the state of their home. In return, these favored people might receive the blessing of an Ala, in the form of flourishing crops, or similar gifts (even perhaps a treasure from the personal stash of the Ala).

However, while they tend to love woodland animals, most encounters between human(oid)s and Ale are negative. Ale use their powers relentlessly to antagonize the citizens of a given area, as well as their fields, crops and residences. Common attacks include drinking the milk of farmers' livestock (especially goats); "drinking crops" so they wither; using tornado-force winds to steal crops and property (destroying that which they do not take either for themselves, or for those they favor); targeting the moon and/or the Sun to cause eclipses.


Ale are known for not only their greed, but they are possessed of a remarkable gluttony. A favored treat for an Ala is a human (especially a baby or a small child, but as the mood suits, adults may also be targeted). As many as an Ala can get in their grasp, they will happily sweep away to their home (high in the clouds, deep in the forest, in a lake, around a spring, in a cave, in a huge tree, in the heights of a mountain or some other inhospitable landscape). An Ala's residence is almost always strewn about with bones and spilled blood from those they have devoured.

Common names of Ale include Smiljana, Kalina, Magdalena, Dobrica, Dragija and Zagorka.


  • Aerokinesis- the ability to psychically control air and wind.
  • Cloud Manipulation- the ability to psychically control the formation and movement of clouds.
    • Cloud Walking- the ability to interact with clouds as though standing or moving on solid ground.
    • Cloud Riding- the ability to use clouds as a mode of transportation.
  • Eclipse Inducing- The ability to psychically obscure the sun and/or the moon.
  • Invisibility- the ability to psychically render oneself unavailable to the sense of sight.
  • Deadly Breath- the ability to exhale breath with lethal properties.
  • Madness Inducing- the ability to psychically cause symptoms to manifest.
  • Plant Absorption- the ability to psychically draw plant matter and/or plant life-force into oneself.
  • Possession- the ability to physically or supernaturally inhabit and dominate a subject.
  • Shapeshifting- the ability to alter physical appearance to assume a new form.
    • Black Aerial Form- the ability to assume the form of a black wind (possibly a tornado).
    • Bovine Form- the ability to assume the form of a bull with especially large horns.
    • Lupine Form- the ability to assume the form of a wolf.
    • Mist Form- the ability to assume the form of a mist.
    • Ophidian Form- the ability to assume the form of a snake, or various supernatural variations of snake.
    • Porcine Form- the ability to assume the form of a large boar (often black).
    • Rapid Regeneration- the ability to heal from illness and injury to an extent beyond human norms.
  • Superhuman Digestion- the ability to process ingested materials with power and efficiency beyond human norms.


  • Dragons- These are a natural enemy of the Ala.
  • Eagles- These are a natural enemy of the Ala.
  • Lightning- The Ala can be wounded, even perhaps killed by sufficient injury from lightning strikes.
  • Magic- Certain spells and rituals are known to be able to repel the Ala from a given area.
  • Zduhać- These are a natural enemy of the Ala.
  • Zmajeviti- These are a natural enemy of the Ala.
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