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Alignment Lawful Good, Lawful Neutral, Lawful Evil
Species Human(oid)
Appearance Well-learned human (or humanoid) with a knack for chemistry and magic


The alchemists are the people who know the ancient science/magic of alchemy. They are often wealthy people who were taught by other alchemists or came in possession of some form of instruction on the art. They can be of almost any species, though they are usually humans. The most famous of whom is Faust, a hero in German legend, who traded his soul to the demon Mephistopheles for immense knowledge in the sciences (especially alchemy).



Alchemists usually care for carefully organized plans and predictable effects. An alchemist can assist others ,but like wizards, they are usually very reclusive.


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The most famous Alchemist? Faust...

The abilities of an alchemist are based on their science/magic study of the alchemical arts. They have a large advantage because alchemy fuses the two together. They know of such things as the DNA molecules, atoms and possess many other secrets regarding the natural and magical world.

While most alchemy is not of use in combat or at a moments notice, Alchemists can create healing or offensive substances when given enough time. In quick combat they usually resort to prepared potions, or the manipulation of chemicals in the immediate vicinity. The true strength of the alchemists lies in their ability to produce powerful substances and technology over time, such as a mechanism for replicating the abilities of mythological creatures.

They are also possibly capable of creating the philosophers stone, a substance capable of making an elixir of immortality and turning base metals into gold.


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