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Alternate Names/Spellings
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Element Earth/Metal/Sand, Life/Death/Blood
Species Magical Beast (Reptile)
Appearance Snake with an affinity for women


The Alicante is a creature with origins in Mexican mythology.


Numerous sizes and patterns have been associated with the Alicante; none have been confirmed as definitive to the species.


Unlike any other reptile known, the Alicante feeds off of breast milk, like a mammal. However, unlike any mammal known, the milk it seeks does not come from its own mother, but from the mothers' of other animals. When first born from the egg, the Alicante is known to seek out the milk of similarly small animals, particularly small rodents and the like, to feed off of.

However, it is said that an Alicante prefers human(oid) milk above all. Upon catching scent of a woman's breast milk, the Alicante immediately seeks out the source. The snake then uses its powers on her (and if she has a nursing baby, sticks its tail in the baby's mouth, as a sort of pacifier) in order to feed on the sleeping woman.

Males of the species have even been known to slither inside of a woman's body through her vaginal opening.