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Alignment Lawful Neutral, Neutral Good, Lawful Good
Species Magical Beast, Mythical Being, Chimera
Appearance Colorful Bird with a woman's head


The origins of the Alkonost are unknown. Some say that they are related to the Sirin.


Alkonost are very large and colorful birds with the heads of human women. The color variations of an Alkonost vary according to age, with older birds being more colorful than the younger.


Alkonost are joyful beings. They fly from place to place, singing their beautiful songs. When they wish to lay their eggs, they roll them into the sea. For seven days the sea will be still and then on the seventh day, the egg will hatch and storms will roll in.

The Alkonost watches as her cousin, the Sirin, departs...


The Alkonost have the ability to sing so beautifully that all who hear forget everything else and pause to listen to the music. Entire wars have come to a halt because of their singing. These chimeric beings also appear to have some influence over the weather.