Alternate Names/Spellings Ameonna or 雨女, Rain Woman
Origins Japanese Mythology
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Element Air/Wind/Sky, Luck/Fate/Fortune, Water
Species Yōkai
Appearance Ghostly woman in the rain...


The Ame-Onna (translated as 'Rain woman') is a yokai from Japanese mythology. Legend states that the Ame-onna was originally a divine rain goddess, but instead of simply being a victim of demonization, the Ame-Onna somehow became corrupted and abandoned her former divine status in order to become a yokai, living among mortals and preying on them.


The Ame-Onna specifically appears on dark, rainy nights. She is described as a depraved, haggish woman soaked in rain water. She will often lick away rain water that drips onto her skin, usually on her hands or arms.


It is possible that the Ame-Onna was a type of minor rain deity that has potential to save a village from drought, or bring fortune to farmers. But unlike most benevolent Japanese deities, the Ame-Onna poses a dangerous threat. On dark, rainy nights, she will wander the area clutching a bag, looking for any newborns to steal and spirit them away to the afterlife.

Mothers who have their babies snatched away sometimes transform into Ame-Onna themselves, out of grief and despair. Having lost their minds, these transformed women roam the streets at night with large sacks hoping to replace what was stolen. They sneak into houses where crying children can be heard, and steal them away from their homes into the night.


  • As a rain yokai, she has the ability to summon the rain at will.
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