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"Sleep well tonight, child. Your guardian angel will protect you..."
Alternate Names/Spellings Seraph (Seraphim- "The Burning Ones"), Cherub (Cherubim- "The Mighty Ones", "The Praising Ones", "The Blessed Ones"), Ophan (Ophanim- "The Wheels", "The Thrones"), Dominion ("The Lordships"), Virtue ("The Strongholds"), Power ("The Authorities"), Principality ("The Rulers"), Archangel ("The Chief Angels"), Angel ("The Messengers")
Origins Judeo-Christian Faith, Islamic Faith, etc.
Alignment Lawful Good, Neutral Good, Chaotic Good
Element Aether/Quintessence/Divine Essence, Air/Wind/Sky, Life/Death/Blood, Light, Mind/Spirit/Psychic, Time
Species Divine Agent
Appearance Powerful, Divinely-Beautiful Winged Humanoid


An Angel is one of a race of creatures with origins in the Abrahamic religions (Judaism, Christianity and Islam), as well as Zoroastrianism. Though, while those religious faiths differ, the alignment, personality and duty of the angel remains, for the most part, the same.

They are divine humanoids which serve as protectors, defenders, guides and messengers (in fact, the name "Angel" itself is derived from the Greek, "ἄγγελος", or "angelos", meaning "messenger").

Creations and emissaries of the divine, they are the pinnacle of moral uprightness, said by many to be the closest that mortal beings can come to physical, mental and spiritual perfection.

It is even widely held, in monotheistic faiths, that higher ranks of angels attend the throne of God Himself.

Names of specific Angels:





































Angels are divinely beautiful and handsome winged beings, taller and otherwise larger than normal humans.

Though some look muscular and powerful (especially if their duty calls for brute force), they do not give off the impression of being brutish or savage, so much as simply radiating of physical, mental and spiritual power (further signified by the ethereal glow, or trademark "halo", that they exude at all times).

In addition, although some may look female, and some may look male, they are actually believed to be genderless, unable to produce offspring unless they relinquish their immortal state (they "fall", or are "cast out"). In such a case, they are involuntarily assigned the gender that they most resemble (this is permanent, and cannot be reversed by even the most powerful, ancient and arcane magic).

"Your humble servant awaits your command..."

Eye, hair and skin color vary only slightly more than human features, adding in much paler and much more vivid shades and hues than those of humans. Likewise, they have similar hair length and hair texture to mortals (though, undoubtedly, far more beautiful).

However, their duties vary (and so with them, likely their attire and attributes). Some attend the throne of God, and so they may have certain ceremonial items or attire different from other angels. Others may keep records, and so be seen with scroll and pen. Still others serve in the Heavenly Choir, and so may have their own distinct robes, or musical instruments (like the trademark harp, or a trump [trumpet]).

Others besides those are guardians or harbingers. And others still, the warriors, may be seen with a fiercely stern look on their face, donning weapons and armor (such as Michael the Archangel, with his sword).

This is not even taking into account the possibility of bodily and attire differences due to rank.


A warrior angel hunts evil mercilessly.

Angels are very good and orderly beings that act according to the will of the Divine, and for the benefit of the innocent and the just.

They often watch over the helpless with dutiful vigilance and help to fend off undivine attacks against the innocent, through prophetic guidance and warning, bravely confronting Demons (in attempts to ward them off or drive them out), and even sometimes outright combat against those same malevolent entities.

They despise wickedness, and will attempt to stop it wherever they go. In fact, the master they serve is nearly-always held to be a benevolent deity (most times, God Himself); they respect this authority to the utmost, and will serve to advance, or in spite of, human interests. They regard the will of their master alone, and very seldom rebel (though, it has happened in the past...).

Sariel meditates on his Master's grace...

They possess no true society of their own, living humbly, in different ranks, with others of their own kind (some even assert that Angels were created without free will). Physical strength does not impress upon them as a sign of power; often, a higher ranking angel is afforded more respect and privilege than others simply by virtue of the rank given to them by their master. Their ranks are often held to be divided into nine different hierarchical levels called "choirs":

-Seraph (pl. Seraphim): First in rank; reputed caretakers of God's throne, who continually offer their praise to God.

-Cherub (pl. Cherubim): Second in rank; associated often with God's presence.

-Ophan (pl. Ophanim): Third in rank; often associated with God's justice and authority.

-Dominion (pl. Dominions): Fourth in rank; said to be overseers of other angels, and overseers of the affairs of nations.

-Virtue (pl. Virtues): Fifth in rank; said to supervise the movements of the heavenly bodies to ensure cosmic order.

"This way to your destiny..."

-Power (pl. Powers): Sixth in rank; said to be the reminders or "bearers" of conscience, and keepers of history.

-Principality (pl. Principalities): Seventh in rank; said to follow the orders of the Dominions and bestow blessings on the material world.

-Archangel (pl. Archangels): Eighth in rank; said to preside over the affairs of the world, like trade, commerce, politics and military matters. However, in this sense, "arch-angel" may simply mean "above the messenger rank" (rather than "arch" meaning "leader" or "ruler", since the most powerful angels are actually the Seraphim).

-Angel (pl. Angels): Ninth (last) in rank; said to be messengers, conveyors of the Divine Will of God to mortals. This term may refer to the general species of being, an angel, or the lowest rank of angels (the messengers).

Though, it should be noted; the above refers to only the Christian Angelic Hierarchy, the most commonly accepted of many speculated Angelic Hierarchies.


Before he was cast out of Heaven as "Satan" the Adversary, he was Lucifer the Light-Bearer, a high-ranking angel...

All angels possess large and powerful wings, which afford them flight at very high speeds, against high wind friction and pressure. They have a naturally-high resistance to mortal harm (physical impact, acid, poisons/toxins, temperature extremes, electricity, energy attacks, temporal effects, magic, psionics, bodily needs, etc.) and are gifted with vast longevity (lifespans that last thousands of years, or even longer; more than likely immortality, as no angel is ever recorded as having died of age, wound or illness).

In addition, all of their physical attributes (strength, durability, metabolism, speed, intellect, senses, reflexes, agility, accuracy, awareness and dexterity) are greatly beyond that of a mortal.

Not to mention, the light they constantly exude is known to frighten demons and evil spirits, and even harm lesser ones. Furthermore, they are capable of warding off demons to some extent. And because of their connection to the divine, they may also perceive the supernatural (including spirits, demons and magical influences) as well as receive and relay messages from the divine, in the form of prophecies (which always come true).

"You will pay for your blasphemies..."

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