Alternate Names/Spellings Arimaspi, Arimaspos
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Alignment Chaotic Neutral, Chaotic Evil
Element Earth/Metal/Sand, Light, Metal/Magnetism


The origins of the Arimaspians are uncertain. Some speculate that they are related to the one eyed Cyclopes, though the Arimaspians themselves violently deny any relation. The only ones who would know for sure are the Arimaspians or the Gryphon, who refuse to comment on the Arimaspians.


Arimaspians appear to be more predominately male than female. Even among females, there is a high degree of raw muscle. There are no frail or slight members of this race. The most obvious feature among them is their single eye, which is often an odd golden color. Besides the physical traits of the Arimaspians, they usually prefer to dress in simple fur clothing. However, due to their love of all things gold, you will often see them with golden jewelry regardless of gender or rank.


The culture of the Arimaspians is ruled by two interconnected things: Gold and seperating said Gold from nasty Gryphons. The Gyrphon have been in conflict with the Arimaspians for as long as either race cares to remember. Gryphon are drawn to large deposits of gold and will vigorously defend them. The Arimaspians lust for gold and fight the Gryphon for control of these deposits. Beyond this, Arimaspians tend to be rather direct when it comes to interacting with other races. They do tend to get along well with the Dwarves, due to their skill in gold smithing.


Extreme strength and durability is the most obvious of the Arimaspian's abilities. Despite their problems with depth perception, most Arimaspians are amazingly good at fighting things from above, due to their lifelong war with Gryphons. Even Dwarves have some degree of envy for their gold smithing abilities.


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