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Ashiarai Yashiki
The monster claims a new stomping ground...
Alternate Names/Spellings 足洗邸
Origins Edo
Species Unknown
Appearance A gigantic foot...


The Ashiarai Yashiki is a creature with origins in Japanese mythology, legend and folklore.


The Ashiarai Yashiki is a overwhelmingly large foot, weighing in at the size of a large truck or car. It is usually distinguished by its strong putrid smell that lingers wherever it goes. It is almost always caked in mud, blood, or thick dirt.


This yokai is very peculiar in its nature, often making its appearance at late and typically inconvenient hours at a home where residents are usually sleeping. Before it ambushes its residents, it has been said that a strong smelling foot odor invades the home which the residents notice first, typically one with a strong, foreboding presence.

Eventually the Ashiarai Yashiki crashes its way in with a heavy stomp through the roof and demands that the residents of the home bathe it.  However this yokai is ultimately believed to be insatiable, as it will repeatedly appear as dirty and force its way into the same house night after night with the same demands. If its command is not addressed, this giant foot will start a stomping frenzy in and on top of you and your home, destroying anything. If its command is addressed, the momentarily pleased Ashiarai Yashiki will leave up through the trampled roof until it makes its next attack.