"The moon is out...time to play!"
Alternate Names/Spellings Ashray
Origins English mythology
Alignment Chaotic Neutral, Neutral Good, Chaotic Good
Element Water
Species Fae
Appearance Blue skinned Fae entity


The Asrai is an aquatic fairy found in England that is associated with freshwater lakes, rivers, and ponds. They can live for centuries and will only surface to bathe in the moonlight.


The Asrai are almost always female aquatic beings similar to a water Nymph or a Merfolk. They stand anywhere from two to four feet tall, but can be tall and slender. Some tales describe the Asrai as having fairy wings, while others describe them as having a fish tail instead of legs, or webbed feet.


When alone, the Asrai are nature-loving spirits who enjoy their isolation. But can be quite mischievous and will drown men by luring them into the deepest part of a lake with promises of gold and jewels. Sometimes, they are described as timid and shy creatures and cannot tolerate vulgarity.


  • Being an aquatic fairy, it is most likely they will have some power over water, or Hydrokinesis. (The manipulation of water). Some might be able to manipulate the weather, but it is unknown if they have the capability to do so.
  • They are capable of flight.
  • The Asrai's skin is so cold that it can burn a human's skin.
  • Like any aquatic creatures, the Asrai is likely to have an extreme talent of swimming at incredible speeds.


  • The Asrai cannot tolerate exposure to sunlight. Once exposed, they will die and turn into a puddle of water.
  • Being vulgar or rough with an Asrai will cause them to flee to safety.


The water fairy 2
Water fairy by chilin
Mermaid or nix or nixie or asrai
Asrai blue

Out for a moonlit fly...

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