Just a whiff...
Alternate Names/Spellings (pl) Astomi, (pl) Astomoi, Astomus
Origins Greek and Roman Mythology, Legend and Folklore
Species Fabulous Humanoid
Appearance Mouthless humanoid


The Astomos is one of a race with origins in Greek and Roman mythology, legend and folklore. Specifically, accounts of their existence first arose in Natural History, a work written by Pliny the Elder.

Astomoi are generally considered to be the descendants of mundane humans who traveled into steamy, magical valleys within the mountainous regions of India.

A multitude of plants of great magical potency grew amid those heights, forever altering the humans who choose to live there.


The most obvious characteristic of an Astomoi is their lack of mouths, which they have no use for, and the layer of thin, wispy hair-like structures that covers most of their skin. This near invisible layer of hair actually snares floating particles from the air, in a manner similar to filter-feeding sponges, to supplement the Astomoi's diet of scents.

Because of their restricted and ethereal diet, most Astomoi are less than physically substantial. Most Astomoi have medium to dark skin and features similar to those of most Indian ethnic groups, due to their ancestors intermarrying with the indigenous peoples.


Passive and easygoing describes most of Astomoi-kind. While they vary almost as much as normal humans, their relative frailty lends a certain degree of caution and levelheadedness to Astomoi. Usually verging on the thin or slim side, they often consider a degree of curvaceousness or bulk to be quite fetching.

Though, almost all Astmoi have trouble blending into mundane society, especially urban life. Cities are considered practically toxic to the scent-eating people. Despite this, modern technology is often adored. Plant-care products make up the bulk of the Astmoi community's purchases.

Unfortunately, there has not been a history of peace towards Astmoi. Due to their general peaceful nature, it was not uncommon for slave raids to occur in the more obvious settlements. Alchemists and other countless passersby often sought their valleys for the valuable magical herbs within.

Even in modern times, Astmoi are sometimes forced to labor in magical conservatories, due to them being more reliable and less dangerous than Nymphs or Green Men.


Astomoi can sustain themselves on smell and air alone. They are far and away some of the best noses in the magical world, capable of smelling nearly anything. Long centuries of caring for magical flowers and herbs have left many of them with surpassing skills as Alchemists or merely gardeners.



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