Axehandle Hound
Canis Consumens
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Alignment True Neutral
Species Canine
Appearance A dog shaped like an axe.


The Axehandle Hound is believed by some to be a type of American fairy hound, like the Cù Sìth, emerging in the logging camps of Minnesota and Wisconsin.


The axehandle hound has the general appearance of an axe on legs, its body being the axe handle and its head being the axe head. It is nan a large creature, and gets around on 4 stubby legs.


The axehandle hound subsists on a diet of wood, it's favorite being the handles of unattended axes, hence the name. It will sneak around the camp at night, eating any it can find. It will sometimes eat other types of wood, but if it can’t get at any axe handles then it will leave for a different camp.

The axehandle hound is not a vicious creature, and is an annoyance at worst. They can make good pets, if expensive to feed.


The hound's head is sharp, like that of an axe, and it seems to be able to find logging camps anywhere in the Americas.


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