Warriors Of Myth Wiki
Alternate Names/Spellings Pauguk
Alignment Neutral Evil, Chaotic Evil
Species Monstrous Humanoid (Chimera)
Appearance Thin, frail undead...


Baykok are creatures with origins in Anishinaabe (Ojibwe) mythology, legend and folklore.

Baykok are created when a human warrior dies a dishonorable or shameful death, particularly after committing some evil crime such as fratricide or incest. Often they are unable to rest because their bones are scattered or thrown into lakes by those they have wronged, which prevents them from moving on to the afterlife.


Baykok are emaciated and skeletal warriors, with eyes which glow like red coals buried deep in their eye-sockets. They wear the ragged tatters of whatever clothing they wore when they died (typically a hunter's clothing).


Baykok usually hunt by making themselves invisible and fly through the dark night sky, making shrill, piercing screams that strike fear in the hearts of all who hear them. Once a victim becomes frozen with fright, the baykok shoots them with its invisible arrows or strikes them dead with its war-club. It them tears open the victim's chest and messily devours their liver.


Baykok have powers of flight and invisibility, making them extremely dangerous to begin with. Add to this their invisible arrows, unnatural strength, and endless hunger, and they are truly terrifying foes indeed.


In some stories, it is said a baykok can be laid to rest by recovering its scattered bones and giving them a proper funeral, allowing the wretched creature to pass on to the Land of Souls.