Bird of Paradise
Bird of Paradise Kagaya
Alternate Names/Spellings Homa Bird, Huma Bird
Alignment Lawful Good, Neutral Good, Chaotic Good
Element Air/Wind/Sky, Life/Death/Blood, Light, Time
Species Avian
Appearance Large Luminous Avian


The Bird of Paradise is a creature with origins in the mythology, legend and folklore of Iran. Its Arabic name 'Huma' is supposed to derive from the words 'hu' ("spirit") and "ma'a" "water", thus suggesting some supernatural connection to life and immortality (ie phrases like 'Fountain of Youth', 'elixir of life').


A more brilliant and beautiful bird, one would be hard-pressed to find. The Bird of Paradise is brightly adorned from crest to tail, always in some variation combining all the colors of the rainbow. Often, the bird is long-necked, like a goose or even a swan, though some do have shorter necks and smaller builds. A common trail the all Birds of Paradise share is a long, glorious train of tail feathers that trail behind it.


Little is known about this handsome bird's habits. Foremost, the Bird of Paradise never rests from flight. It will never be seen perching in a tree or picking about on the ground, not even swooping in to pick up some small animal as its prey. Instead, it remains in flight all its days.

It also makes apparent some hint of intelligence beyond that of a mundane bird. For starters, there is no record of the bird ever having been captured or killed, by mortal or mythical means. It has only ever been shown to undergo natural death. Apart from this, the creature has been shown to display a certain carefulness about whom it bestows its supernatural powers.



Bird of Paradise Kagaya 2

The loveliest bird in existence...

Takaki Fantasy Art 10

Two in the same place is a rare sight

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