Boitatá (2).jpg
Alternate Names/Spellings Baitatá, Biatatá, Bitatá, Batatão, Mboitatá (Original name)
Origins Brazilian mythology, legend and folklore
Alignment Chaotic Good, Chaotic Neutral.
Element Fire, Water
Species Serpent
Appearance Flaming, bright, giant horned aquatic serpent


Boitatá is a mythological serpent from Brazilian mythology, legend and folklore. In particular, accounts of its existence first arise among the natives, who revered it as a protector of nature. 


Boitatá appears to be a green, orange, flame or black huge serpent with flames around his body, it's sometimes described by having two horns.

Despite being a fire elemental, Boitatá lives on a river


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Boitatá maybe is a good entity, but it may kill anything which is violating the forests. Their diet consists of eyes from dead animals or its victims.


Boitatá can breath fire, which it is resistant to. Its eyes are stunning and bright, its stare can possibly blind. It is also a fairly powerful swimmer, and can camouflage by shaping itself to resemble a burned fallen tree.


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