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Alternate Names/Spellings
Alignment Any (Chaotic Tendencies)
Species Humanoid (Infernal)
Appearance Humanoid with incubus/succubus traits...

Also Called

  • Half-Incubus
  • Half-Succubus


The Cambion is a creature whose origins are first recorded in Medieval European mythology, legend and folklore.

In particular, the earliest references to its existence come from the famous Malleus Maleficarum (Hammer of the Witches or Witches' Hammer), a text published in 1486.

The Cambion is born of a union between a human female and an Incubus, or a human male and a Succubus, and is thus a specific type of Half-Demon.

Though, rather than simple pairing of male and female, the Incubus or Succubus parent serves more as a third party.

Aristocrat Peregrine R. Faust and twin sister Rejina Laurent-Faust...

The Incubus first mates with a male human in the form of an Succubus (or a Succubus mates with a male). Then, on collecting the male's semen, the Incubus resumes his male form (while a succubus would assume a male form) and seeks out a female human to impregnate.

Finally, somewhere within the window of copulation, the Incubus (or Succubus in Incubus form) deposits the male's semen, which has been tainted by the creature's touch.

Alternately, a non-shapeshifting Incubus and Succubus work together; the Succubus mates with a human male, collects the semen, passes it on to a non-shapeshifting Incubus, who deposits it into a human female during copulation.

Interestingly, there is a reasonably high incidents of Cambions being born in twin pairs. In fact, it was a fact well-enough known, that people of old often regarded twins with the fear that they might be Cambions.


Cambions take after the traits of their infernal parent. For some, this means inheriting physical deformity, though for most, it bestows the offspring with a striking beauty. And at birth, most Cambions show little to no signs of life (having no pulse, and not requiring to breathe).

Fortunately, after the age of seven, signs of life become much more apparent (and if they are born with physical deformity, it will recede), making it easier for a young Cambion to pass for an ordinary human and blend into society.

"...little Phillias has his father's eyes..."

And in only the rarest cases do Cambions take on noticeable traits which might give away their infernal heritage. Perhaps their ears might be pointed, perhaps they sprout wings, perhaps horns.

Usually, these are small or minute enough that the Cambion may hide or disguise them, if they so desired.


Cambions are somewhat different from their other half-demon relatives. In addition to their innate cunning, they are often spoiled by adoring parents and other loved ones.

Almost definitely a result of their infernal heritage, Cambions tend to develop particularly dominating urges, and can be not only controlling and manipulative, but also jealous, spiteful and vindictive.

Not to mention, many become rather talented at masking insidious tendencies under a facade of politeness and manners that most fail to see through, until it is too late for anything to be done about it.

Most adapt to various social settings with remarkable guile and grace.

"I'm a cambion, of course. Can't you tell?


  • Breathlessness- the ability to survive without need for respiratory organs and/or function.
  • Hypnotic Beauty- the ability to channel hypnotic power through aesthetically appealing features.
  • Hypnotic Charm- the ability to channel hypnotic power through gestures and social interactions.
  • Magic- the ability to channel supernatural energy to induce and manipulate events and phenomena.
  • Peak Condition- the ability to make use of an anatomy with optimum function and/or aesthetic appeal.
  • Unbeating Heart- the ability to survive without a heartbeat, and thus without a pulse.



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