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"Bull's eye..."
Alternate Names/Spellings (pl) Centauri, (f) Centauress, (f) Centauris, Centaurus, Hippocentaur, (f) Hippocentauress, (f) Hippocentauris, (f, pl) Hippocentaurides, (pl) Hippocentauroi, (f, pl) Hippokentaurides, (f) Hippokentauris, (pl) Hippokentauroi, Hippokentauros, (f) Kentauris, (pl) Kentauroi, Kentauros
Alignment Chaotic Good, Chaotic Neutral, Neutral Good
Element Earth
Species Humanoid (Chimera)
Appearance Equine Humanoid Chimera


The Centaur is one of a race of creatures with origins in Greek mythology, legend and folklore. Later, it also gains connections to Roman and Medieval European mythology, legend and folklore.

Notable Centaurs:

-Abas (Abas)

-Agrios (Agrius)

-Amphiôn (Amphion)

-Amykos (Amycus)

-Ankhios (Anchius)

-Antimakhos (Antimachus)

-Aphareus (Aphareus)

-Aphidas (Aphidas)

-Areios (Areus)

-Argeios (Argeus)

-Arktos (Arctus)

-Asbolos (Asbolus)

-Astylos (Astylus)

-Biênôr (Bienor)

-Bromos (Bromus)

-Daphnis (Daphnis)

-Demeleôn (Demeleon)

-Diktys (Dictys)

-Dolyas (Dolyas)

-Doupôn (Dupon)

-Dryalos (Dryalus)

-Ekheklos (Echeclus)

-Elatos (Elatus)

-Elymos (Elymus)

-Erigdoupos (Erigdupus)

-Eurynomos (Eurynomus)

-Eurytiôn (Eurytion)

-Eurytos (Eurytus)

-Gyrneus (Gyrneus)

-Helops (Helops)

-Hippasos (Hippasus)

-Hippotiôn (Hippotion)

-Homados (Homadus)

-Hylaios (Hylaeus)

-Hylês (Hyles)

-Hylonomê (Hylonome)

-Imbreus (Imbreus)

-Iphinoos (Iphinous)

-Isoplês (Isoples)

-Kheiron (Cheiron, Chiron): Wisest, most civilized of all Centaurs and beloved of gods and men; son of the Oceanid nymph-goddess Philyra and the Titan time-god Kronos; he is also the father, by the nymph Khariklo (Chariclo), of Okyrrhoe (Ocyrrhoe) and Melanippe, Endeis, Karystos (Carystos, Carystus) and the Nymphae Pelionides; and perhaps most famously, he is friend and mentor to many of Greece's most famous mythical heroes (including Achilles, Actaeon, Aristaeus, Asclepius, Heracles and Jason). After accidentally being dealt a deadly injury, at the hands of his dear friend and pupil Heracles, he gave up his immortality, and was placed among the stars by Zeus, as the constellation Sagittarius.

-Khromis (Chromis)

-Khthonios (Chthonius)

-Klanis (Clanis)

-Krênaios (Crenaeus)

-Kyllaros (Cyllarus)

-Latreus (Latreus)

-Lykabas (Lycabas)

-Lykas (Lycas)

-Lykidas (Lycidas)

-Lykopês (Lycopes)

-Medôn (Medon)

-Melaneus (Melaneus)

-Melankhaitês (Melanchaetes)

-Mimas (Mimas)

-Mônykhos (Monychus)

-Nêdymnos (Nedymnus)

-Nessos (Nessus)

-Oreios (Oreius)

-Orneios (Orneus)

-Oureios (Ureus)

-Peisênor (Pisenor)

-Perimêdês (Perimedes)

-Petraios Petraeus)

-Peukeus (Peuceus)

-Phlegraios (Phlegraeus)

-Phaiokomês (Phaeocomes)

-Phobas (Phobas)

-Phôlos (Pholus)

-Phrixos (Phrixus)

-Pylênor (Pylenor)

-Pyraimôn (Pyraemon)

-Pyretos (Pyretus)

-Rhipheus (Ripheus)

-Rhoikos (Rhoecus)

-Rhoitos (Rhoetus)

-Styphelos (Styphelus)

-Têleboas (Teleboas)

-Thaumas (Thaumas)

-Thêreus (Thereus)




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The abilities of the centaur are largely based on their skills and physiology. They are capable of running at incredible speed with their equine lower body. The skills that they specialize in are generally archery and talents associated with the natural world, such as woodcraft and foraging for food.