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Alternate Names/Spellings Chick-Charney, Chiccharnie, Chickcharnee, Chickcharnie
Origins Bahamian Mythology, Legend and Folklore
Species Magical Beast (Chimera)
Appearance Tall unsightly owl...


The Chickcharney is a creature with origins in the mythology, legend and folklore of the Bahamas' Andros Island. Accounts of the creatures' existence are often conflated with those of the Andros Island Barn Owl, which went extinct with the felling of the islands' original forests (due to the islands' colonization).


In many ways, the Chickcharney closely resembles the animal for which it is mistaken; that is, a large brown-feathered Andros Island Barn Owl (Tyto pollens).

However, it is quickly set apart by the presence of humanoid arms tucked beneath its wings. Its hands have only three clawed fingers on them. Its legs are also proportionately longer than the mundane Barn Owl.


They are known to bundle together pine trees or kapok trees and make nests beneath the bundles. If they cross paths with humans, they are quick to use their powers, depending on how they are treated (rewarding nice treatment, and punishing ill treatment).


As any mundane species of owl, the Chickcharney has keen sight in the dark, and can rotate its head about 270 degrees. However, its legs are stronger and proportionately longer. Most impressively, the creature is also capable of manipulating probability to bestow good luck or bad luck.


Like the mundane Andros Island Barn Owl, the Chickcharney is flightless.

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