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"Hehe...time fer a little liquid courage..."

--Chris McTiernan, Clurichaun

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Alignment Drunken- erm, Chaotic Neutral.
Species Fay
Appearance Inebriated Humanoid


The Clurichaun is a creature with origins in Irish mythology, legend and folklore.


Clurichauns are leprechaun-like creatures, and are sometimes said to be relatives of the leprechaun and far darrig. They are short in size and have pointy ears and noses. Clurichauns perhaps are the most well dressed of fairies, sporting purple coats  with silver buttons, red shoes with blue stockings, and stocking caps with gold tassels. They are also known to have wild looking beards and eyes.


Clurichauns are wild and unpredictable creatures, with a horrible drinking habit. When they get drunk enough, they can ride on livestock on wild escapades. They are also known to sneak up on travelers, forming big circles around them. They sneak into the wine cellars of the rich, drinking up a great portion of the wine owner . And, if the wine owner drinks to much wine, the pesky clurichaun will give the man a great, hard pinch. And if the man decides to move away with his wine barrels, the clurichaun will hide in one of them. The only way to get rid of the pest is to either burn the inhabited barrel, or bless the wine barrel, for clurichauns are harmed by religious relics and prayers.

Clurichauns also have a craving for silver, keeping a pouch of silver coins wherever they go. 


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