"For Queen Tanna!"
Alternate Names/Spellings Croder, Crodere, (pl) Croderes, Crodèr, (pl) Crodères, (pl) "Sons of the Rocks"
Origins Alpine Mythology, Legend and Folklore
Alignment Chaotic Evil
Element Earth, Ice
Species Humanoid (Elemental)
Appearance Stone-hearted ice elementals


The Crodère is a creature with origins in Alpine mythology, especially in the surrounding areas of the Dolomites.

This race of creatures were known and greatly feared all throughout the region of the Dolomite mountains, for their powers, as well as their history with the natives.


The Crodère is larger than most humans in size. Their males may be stocky and/or barrel-chested, broad shouldered and often have facial hair and/or other body hair. Their females may be athletic and muscular, but discernible from the hardness of their male counterparts. A husky body shape is not unknown or even uncommon among them.

Hair length varies, but skin, hair and eyes are often the color of different types of rocks and stones. In particular, their hair and eyes may be colored and patterned like rocks and stones native to their land of origin. Likewise, the irises of their eyes are larger than normal, though not quite as large as those of cats.

Often, they are seen in leathers, furs, all earth tones. Many have also been known to get tattoos, or branding marks. And while not every member of the clan is tasked with fighting or guarding, it is not uncommon to find even their children wearing a light armor.

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