Eros (Cupid)- Patrick Fillion Art Valentines '03

--Valentin D'Amor, Cupid emissary

Alternate Names/Spellings Amor, (pl) Amores, (pl) Amorini
Origins Roman Mythology, Legend and Folklore
Alignment Neutral Good, Chaotic Neutral, Chaotic Good
Element Aether/Quintessence/Divine Essence, Air/WindSky, Mind/Spirit/Psychic
Species Nymphet (Divine Agent)
Appearance A blushing winged youth...


The Cupid is a creature with origins in Roman mythology, legend and folklore.


Bow and Arrow Cupid

"This won't hurt a bit..."

Cupids tend to look like either cute babies, or handsome youths, usually with wings on their backs, and carrying a bow and quiver of arrows.


Cupids tend to be a bit tricksy, but they have a good "heart".


Cupids are extremely good archers and can fly. Most of their powers come from their arrows, which are either tipped in gold or lead. The gold arrows cause whomever hit with one to fall in love, but the ones tipped with lead causes hatred/indifference.


Cupid es amor by Kiddy chan
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