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"Trust me. My bite is much worse than my bark!"
Alternate Names/Spellings (pl) Canocentaurae, (pl) Canocentauri, Canocentaur, (pl) Cynocentaurides, (pl) Cynocentauroi, (pl) Kynokentaurides, (pl) Kynokentauroi, (pl) Kynokentauros
Origins Etruscan Mythology
Alignment Chaotic Good, Chaotic Neutral, Neutral Good
Element Earth
Species Humanoid (Chimera)
Appearance Canine Humanoid Chimera


The Cynocentaur is one of a race of creatures with origins in Italian mythology, legend and folklore.

In particular, they appear in art by the Romans' predecessors, the Etruscans, of Central Italy's Etruria.

Within that civilization, they were venerated as a representation of a diligent and devoted servant.


From the waist up to the head, Cynocentaurs are human. However, from the waist down is like a large dog (the human trunk extends into what would normally be the dog's neck, legs, body and tail).

A Cynocentaur may have any complexion that a human has, from the palest to the very darkest of what is possible for baseline humans. Facial features may vary as any humans' vary; freckles, vitiligo, moles, Roman nose, any range of human eye colors, and more. Though, some may also combine canine features, as well, such as a dog's ears, dichromatic eyes, spotted skin and/or tongue, particularly pronounced canine teeth, even perhaps hair pattern similar to that of a dog.

Naturally, if the Cynocentaur has the 'taur' section of the body (that is, the dog part)




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