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Alignment Lawful Good
Species Divine Agent
Appearance Divine Humanoid


The Devas are powerful Hindu entities, enemies of the chaotic Asura. They can range from minor nature Deva, such as those that maintain the realms of the higher ranking Devas, to Deva who hold a higher governing position, such as a fire Deva or a lightning Deva.


Deva are always beautiful humanoids, often with wings. Few who see them can doubt their closeness to the divine.


The Deva are generally benevolent beings who prefer order, unlike the chaotic Asura. They are tied deeply to both their status and what aspect of the world they govern. The more powerful Deva are generally more severe and stricter than a weaker Deva. Lesser Deva often have more freedom and are often kinder than their higher brethren. It should be noted that Deva are know to become very upset if what they protect or watch is endangered.


The devas seem always to be in contemplative thought...


The abilities of Deva are determined by what they govern, such as a nature Deva governing plant life and wild animals. More powerful or potent Deva have a greater degree of control over their element or the aspect. Deva that govern a more broad attribute are generally more powerful than those that are govern more specific attributes. All Deva are thought to be capable of a certain amount of magic, as well as holy powers due to their divine nature.


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