So often the hunters of hunters, Dhampir are feared hunters of mythical beings anywhere...
Alternate Names/Spellings Dhamphir, Dhampyre, Dhampyr
Alignment Any (Chaotic Tendencies)
Species Humanoid
Appearance Humanoid with vampire traits...


The Dhampir is a creature with origins in the mythology, legend and folklore of various Slavic nations. They are half-breeds, most often born of vampire fathers, and human mothers.


While they seem more or less human, many Dhampirs have pale skin and pale or dark hair. Some even possess sharpened teeth or claws, reminders of their father's undead heritage.


An amazing number of Dhampir reject their vampiric heritage. Few, if any, can even stand the presence of a vampire. They are famed for their ability to not only hunt vampires- but also other mythical beings. Most are driven and stubborn, yet strangely charismatic.


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Ilyana the Vampire Slayer comes from a long line of humans AND vampires...

Dhampir have most- if not all- of the supernatural abilities that vampires possess. Superhuman strength, speed, durability and regenerative abilities are commonplace. Superhuman senses are part of what make them so skilled hunters. The stranger and more otherworldly abilities, such as Hypnosis or shape-shifting, are rare, but not unheard of.

Most Dhampir have none of the weaknesses of a vampire. They do not have the bloodlust nor do they die in sunlight. Holy objects do not burn them or cause them to flee. However, even if these do not harm them, many Dhampir feel uncomfortable under the sun and would rather avoid holy ground all-together.


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