So often the hunters of hunters, Dhampir are feared far and wide for their skill...
Alternate Names/Spellings
Alignment Any (Chaotic Tendencies)
Species Humanoid
Appearance Humanoid with vampire traits...

Also Called

  • Dhamphir/Dhampyr/Dhampyre/(pl) Dhampyri
  • (f) Dhampiresa
  • Lampijerović
  • Vampijerović/Vampirić/Vampirović


The Dhampir is a creature with origins in the mythology, legend and folklore of various Slavic nations. While the inverse is possible, Dhampirs are most often born of Vampiric fathers and human mothers.

In fact, it is believed that the conception of Dhampir often occurs most commonly when a man comes back to life as a Vampire, and mating with a woman to whom he was attracted (perhaps to whom he was married) in life.

Though, of course, true Vampires cannot reproduce by traditional sexual means. Thus, Dhampir are born either from certain breeds of Vampire (ie Mullo or living Moroi), by a Vampire biting an pregnant mother's unborn child (especially close to the time of birth), by at least one Dhampir parent, or even by magical tampering.

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Ilyana the Vampire Slayer comes from a long line of humans AND vampires...


Like their vampiric parents, Dhampir can be lithe and sleek, burly and muscular, even sturdy and heavyset, but they always tend to be fairly attractive. Their skin can range along the typical human melanin spectrum (albeit Euro-descended and East-Asian-descended Dhampir trend toward paler complexions). Otherwise, the skin of vampires can be nearly any of the typical human skin colors. Their eyes can be nearly any color. They can have nearly any hair color, length or texture.

Specifically pronounced animal features found in some vampire breeds (ie bat-like nose or wings) do not exist among Dhampir.


Dhampir are known to be driven, often stark and serious, with a cutting dry wit. Often, they grow up being feared and hated for their vampiric traits, and so the end up resenting and rejecting that part of their heritage. Though, on some level, this hatred of vampires and vampirism (perhaps occult phenomena generally) is also instinctual to the Dhampir's nature.

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Once Dhampir prove their zeal and skill for combating vampires, however, have been known to establish themselves as accepted and valued members of their communities. They may be called upon to use their remarkable prowess to drive out or kill any number of other undead and other monstrous supernatural nuisances.

Of course, this leads Dhampir to show an affinity for weaponry (particularly blades, spikes, stakes and other sharp implements) and sturdy clothing (ie leathers), capable of withstanding at least light clawing and/or biting damage, depending on the occasion.

Due to the nature of their violent and dangerous calling, Dhampir often elect to live alone, or at least detached from serious committed relationships. If they do find friendship and/or love, it tends to be with others of a similar supernatural background.


  • Conversion Immunity- the ability to withstand the transmission of supernatural conditions (Vampirism, Zombiism, Therianthropy, etc).
  • Rapid Regeneration- the ability to heal from illness and injury to an extent beyond human norms.
  • Sun Immunity- the ability to withstand the lethal effects that the sun typically has on vampires.
  • Superhuman Agility- the ability to maneuver with grace beyond human norms.
  • Superhuman Awareness- the ability to maintain alertness and vigilance beyond human norms.
  • Superhuman Durability- the ability to resist physical injury beyond human norms.
  • Superhuman Reflexes- the ability to coordinate reactions with speed beyond human norms.
  • Superhuman Speed- the ability to move with quickness beyond human norms.
  • Superhuman Strength- the ability to exert physical force beyond human norms.
  • Vampiric Affinity- the ability to psychically access benefits in relation to opposing vampiric phenomena.
    • Anti-Vampiric Magic- the ability to channel supernatural energy to induce and manipulate events and phenomena, in the presence of Vampires (or in relation to vampiric phenomena).


  • Frail Body- If a Dhampir is a product of a human and a Mullo vampire, they may have bones that are very flimsy, or perhaps have no bones at all.
  • Male Restriction- Though not all Dhampir are capable of Magic anyway, Human-Mullo Dhampir are particularly restricted, in that only the males have magical potential.
  • No Fingernails- Offspring of humans and Mullo vampires have no fingernails.
  • Only Human- Dhampir offspring from Human-Mullo unions are restricted to a human lifespan; in fact, many have been known to live only into early adulthood.
  • Vampiric Urge- Some Dhampir maintain their urge to consume blood, like Vampires.


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