"Pick a card...any card."
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Alignment Any
Species Humanoid
Appearance Prophetic Humanoid


Diviners are people who, through training or divine intervention, can peer into the future. They often rely on a variety of different methods and items to do so. Some invoke spirits, other stare into crystal orbs, and still others read the signs of the stars.


It's rare for there to be any rhyme or reason to a Diviner's dress code. Some like to dress in elaborate costumes according to their tradition or creed, while others are indistinguishable from normal mortals. Some Diviners can be very young or exceedingly old. Isolated Diviners often care little for appearances, preferring to set their sights on the endless stream of future events.


As a group, most Diviners have a tendency to be cryptic. They rarely give all they know, and often are gone when trouble arrives. Some peddle their abilities to as fortune telling, while others live like hermits. Most Diviners are neutral, with chaotic leanings.


As their name implies, they can divine the future. This often relies heavily on tools or certain formulas. Rarely, they may be able to glimpse the future unaided, but normally they must use such aids as self-hypnosis and scrying mirrors. Usually, the further into the future they stare, the less and less knowledge they can gather.

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