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Alternate Names/Spellings (f) Dracaena, (f) Dracaina, Dracon, (f) Dragoness, (f) Drakaena, (f) Drakaina, Drake, Eastern Dragon, Drakon, Lindorm, Lindworm, Lindwurm, Linnorm, Western Dragon, Wivern, Worm, Wurm, Wyrm, Wyvern
Element about every element commenly fire


The Dragon is a creature with origins around the world. No one culture can claim having first known of dragons, or having first encountered them


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Mostly mean or hungry you have a very little chance to survive a dragon attack with out any weapons. Best weapon is to use a sword or spear and maybe guns.

Male Dragons will fight with order to calm a female or land. Killing the other.

Dragons can breath fire but some can not breath fire at all. Example; water dragons; shallow water and marine dragons.

Dragons like to eat a special type of mineral containing phantom. Phantom is used to help provide the dragon to breath fire. Dragons also eat meat like mammals or other reptiles. Even if a young dragon is lone with its dead mother it will it the mother's body just to stay alive if he does not he will die certainly and other creatures will be brought in by the scent .


Flying: Dragons are known for their wings of flight. Some dragons can not fly due to having their wings turn into fins to help swim. Other may have small tiny wings able to provide gliding. Some dragons will use the ablity of flight in "mating". In order to provide flight, dragons must have enough gas in their lungs (Nitrogen). Hollow bones like any animal of flight and large wings to be large and long enough to hold them up.

Fire breathing: Some dragons use this to cook their food, in battle/fighting/duals, singling other dragons they he or she is ready to fight. But not all dragons are able breath fire at all.

Strength: Used for fights, duels, battles, pulling prey, flight and more.


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