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Alternate Names/Spellings (pl) Dwarves
Alignment Lawful Neutral
Species Humanoid
Appearance Short, stocky humanoid


The supposed origins of the Dwarfs is rather confused, There are multiple supposed origins that range greatly. Some say that they were the offspring of maggots living in an earth giants body, others say they are the descendants of earth elementals, known as the Gnomes.


Dwarfs are shorter than the human norm and stocky of build. Despite their size, they are stronger than a grown human man. With weathered and strong facial features, your average dwarf is hardly an Adonis. Some of them have been noted to have beards, though more out of neglecting to cut it than desire to have one.


Generally, Dwarfs dislike the company of others, even others of their own kind. They spend the great majority of their time making things. Swords, Magical Items and the like all are a passion of the Dwarfs, It's one of the few things that can persuade them to work together. They take their work very seriously. Entire wars have been caused because someone broke something a Dwarf made.


One of the most noted abilities of Dwarfs is their almost miraculous crafting ability. Dwarfs are considered to be able to make virtually anything, From flying ships than can collapse to fit in a pocket to a gold ring that multiplies every seven days. Even in modern times, They make the best guns and the strongest armor.


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