"They'll NEVER see us coming..."
Alternate Names/Spellings ET, ETA, Extraterrestrial Alien, Alien
Alignment Any (varies for each species)
Element Any (varies for each species)
Species Varies greatly for each species...
Appearance Varies greatly depending on species...


An Extraterrestrial is a creature or being originating from outside of Earth's atmosphere. Generally coming from a planet that is very distant in relation to Earth.


Numerous different breeds or races of Extraterrestrials exist. Among the best known are:

  • Mercurians-
  • Venusians-
  • Martians-
  • Jupiterians (Jovians)-
  • Saturnians (Saturnites)-
  • Uranians-
  • Neptunians-
  • Plutonians-
  • Andromedans ("Glass People" or "Mirrored People")-
  • Pleiadians-
  • Sirians-
  • Arcturians-
  • Reptilians (Reptoids, Draconians)-
  • Insectoids-
  • Grays (Greys, Roswell Grays, Roswell Greys)-
  • Nordic Aliens (Space Brothers)-


Extraterrestrial's behavior varies greatly based on species and situation. If they come in peace they are often inquisitive and willing to help and not harm. Those with malevolent attempt are known to be aggressive and manipulative, more than willing to kill and abduct.

Sf125 momir-1-

"Prepare the probe."


The abilities of an extraterrestrial are based on the species, however there are some general ones. Due to their usually enhanced intelligence most of them possess telepathy and are capable of communication over a distance, telekinesis capable of lifting moderately heavy objects, and shapeshifting to an unknown extent thought it generally permits them to turn to other creatures or change their own physiology. They also posses a high level of intelligence allowing the creation of advanced technology and the capability to make faster than light spacecraft.



"Fear not, human. Our tribe of Reptoids has long since given up humans. They're bad for the cholesterol..."

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