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Alternate Names/Spellings (pl) Fae, Faerie, Faery, (pl) Fair Folk, (pl) Fairies, (pl) Fay (pl), (pl) Fey, Good Folk, (pl) People of Peace, (pl) Wee Folk
Alignment Chaotic Good, Chaotic Neutral, Chaotic Evil
Species Fay
Appearance Diminutive winged humanoid


The Fairy is a creature with origins in the mythology, legend and folklore of Europe. In particular, no specific European nation can claim to have encountered them first. They are among the most common mythical creatures known to European record (and many believe, among the oldest of Europe's known non-divine mythical races).

Names of Specific Fairies:

  • Ariel
  • Blue Fairy (Fairy with the Turquoise Hair)
  • King Oberon
  • Lady Mab
  • Puck
  • Queen Caelia
  • Queen Titania
  • Carabosse


All faeries appear to be small, yet lovely humanoid women with insect like wings (perhaps those similar to a butterfly, a dragonfly or an ordinary fly). The exact skin color, wing color and type and clothing worn varies wildly from fairy to fairy.

Each would be appalled to look like the other, and the fairies will go to great lengths to individualize their apparel. That is, if they are given to wearing any clothes at all. Nudism is common among rogue fairies (or youth in rebellion).



The fairy's behavior can vary greatly. It would appear that most fairies are essentially good. They often live in forests or fields living in harmony with nature and making their homes of plants. Some are known to seemingly adopt lost children, or preform other acts of occasional kindness.

Though, fairies can be very vain and self-centered at times. It's not uncommon for them to be jealous of beautiful human women and men, sometimes to the point of deliberately working mischief on them.


While the magic of faeries can often seem minor and harmless, bent as it is towards healing and restoration, faeries can be very nasty if they put their minds to it. A single fairy is rarely a threat, but a swarm of them flinging hexes can be very dangerous.

A combination of wings and magic allow faeries to take flight. Due to the fact that they often live in nature they have bonds with some animals and occasionally the ability to communicate with them. Faeries are capable of using Glamour to disguise themselves as mundane animals typically as butterflies, moths or dragonflies. Very large or strange faeries will sometimes take the form of birds or bats.

Azata fairy by lithriel-d6seyot
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