Far Darrig
Far Darrig-1-
"Stop roight there, boy-o. Ah gotta joke for ye..."
Alternate Names/Spellings Fear Dearg, Fir Darrig, Fir Dhearga, Red Man
Appearance A small humanoid with red hair, in a red suit...


The Far Darrig is a creature with origins in Irish mythology, legend and folklore.


The far darrig is Irish for red man, which does suggest that the far derig does indeed, dress in red. They are known to wear red hats as well, though it is disputed that it is either a tri-point or Santa-like hat. They also are best known for wearing long, red capes.

Rodaidh the fear dearg by frenchie1941-d3iuw94 (EDIT)

A far darrig is a leprechaun-like creature, some saying they are related somehow. They are also short like leprechauns, and have pointy ears and noses. They have wild, red or grey hair, and long, red or grey beards as well. Their skin is quite ugly, for it is covered in dirt.


Far darrigs are fearsome in nature. They are said to carry around large burlap sacks, large enough to put a person inside. On dark nights,they kidnap people  and put them inside their sack. When the people are finally let out, they are locked in a dark room where the far darrig makes fearsome growls, cackles,  animal sounds, and other inhuman noises. When the far darrig has finally had enough fun, he finally lets the poor soul go.

And, like most other fairies, far darrigs are harmed by Christian relics.



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