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Fear Gorta
Famine's trudging approach...
Alternate Names/Spellings Famine Man
Origins Irish Mythology
Alignment Neutral Evil
Element Earth/Metal/Sand, Life/Death/Blood
Species Undead (Incorporeal)
Appearance An emaciated humanoid...


The Fear Gorta is a creature with origins in Irish mythology.


A fear gorta is an abandoned corpse. Their skin has a greyish green color. The fear gorta is also deathly thin, so thin it can't even hold it's cup of alms, with their arms being thin as twigs. It has long, matted, grey or white hair and facial hair.


It's nails are terribly long and dirty as well. Also to note, since it is a corpse, it's rotting flesh hangs off it's thin bones, and has no flesh on it's cheeks. 

It does though wear clothes, but dresses in rags.


Behavior of the fear gorta are quite mysterious, but there are some things we do know about it. For one, during times of drought, it wonders around the Irish hillside and asks for alms. They are also known to attack when angered, or if alms are not given when asked for.


The fear gorta has the most interesting of abilities. The fear gorta will bless those whom give him alms forever with great wealth and prosperity. But, for those who are selfish and don't give any, they are cursed until the end of their days with eternal hunger, poverty, and bad luck.

Another legend, hunger grass, is a related legend. It is caused when an abandoned corpse, (a fear gorta), has grass grow upon it's grave and curses it. But be warned, for when it is stepped on, it curses the poor walker with an eternal hunger. If the man is not given enough food to satisfy the hunger, he will die.