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Alternate Names/Spellings Fæcce, Fetch-Life
Origins Irish Mythology
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Species Humanoid
Appearance Looks just like you...


The Fetch is a creature with origins in the mythology, legend and folklore of Ireland. The name 'Fetch' is derived from the phrase 'Fetch-Life', indicative of its psychopompic nature.


The Fetch is not known to have a set appearance. Instead, it has an appearance matching whichever human counterpart it has set its sight on (albeit slightly more ghostly and ominous).

It is unknown if the Fetch is born/created already looking like its intended counterpart, or if it has some "base" appearance, and uses powers to physically resemble the counterpart.


In some cases, the Fetch is regarded as a guardian spirit. For one thing, the Fetch only makes itself visible at a crucial point in the human counterpart's life (a literal matter of life and death). And by its presence, the Fetch's counterpart is alerted to the status of their lifespan. If the Fetch is seen in the morning, its counterpart can expect can expect to live a long life. If seen any time other than the morning (specifically the evening), its counterpart is fated to die soon.

Naturally, one familiar with the Fetch's spiritual significance can heed the creature's warning accordingly (ie getting their life affairs in order and saying their goodbyes).



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