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Flying Pig
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"Yeah, right...when pigs fly--WHA???"
Alternate Names/Spellings (sp) Chrysaor [Khrysaor], (sp) Flying Boar, Flying Swine, (sp) Flying Warthog
Origins Greek Mythology, Legend and Folklore
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Element Air/Wind/Sky, Mind/Spirit/Psychic, Time
Species Magical Beast (Swine/Porcine)
Appearance Winged swine...


The Flying Pig is a creature with origins in Greek mythology, legend and folklore. The original flying pig was a winged board named Chrysaor, the offspring of the Gorgon Medusa, and the Greek sea god Poseidon, and the brother of the winged horse Pegasus.

The creature was conceived while its mother consorted with the sea god in mortal form. Though, it was not birthed until its mother had been transformed into a monster by the goddess Athena, and slain by the hero Perseus.


As can be expected, the Flying Pig is a pig with wings. These vary in species; some have wings like a bird, while others have wings like a bat. Some might even possess wings like various species of insect (if they are of a fay breed).

The species of wing does not interchange between breed of Flying Pig. Bird-winged pigs of a pure line do not give birth to a bat-winged pig, nor does a bat-winged pig of a pure line give birth to a bird-winged pig.

Likewise, the breed of swine itself does not interchange between families. Domestic flying pigs of a pure line do not give birth to flying boars or flying warthogs, nor do flying boars of a pure line do not give birth to domestic flying pigs or flying warthogs.

They can only occur in mixed litters if their parents (or ancestors) are mixed lineage.


Flying pigs behave in a fairly normal porcine fashion, spending much time rooting for food or soaking in mud. The eat the same types of food that pig eat--truffles, slop and the like.

When faced with danger, however, they take to the sky. After mating, this avoidance of the ground only intensifies; they will make homes in high weight-bearing trees, rocky cliffs and the like, to make nests safe enough to rear young.

While the creatures typically have neutral, even amicable relations to other birds, Flying Pigs seem to possess an inexplicable enmity for owls, and sea birds.

Otherwise, though, the creatures are shy and easygoing. In fact, they are easygoing to the point that an expression on Earth seems to imply that they do not believe in their existence: "When pigs fly" is often used as hyperbole, to express a supposedly impossible notion.


As their name implies, Flying Pigs can fly. As such, their bodies are adapted to survive in the thin air and high winds of the heights.

Aside from this, they possess something of an enhanced intelligence beyond that of a typical bat or bird or pig.