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Alternate Names/Spellings 二口女, Two-Mouthed Woman
Origins Japanese Mythology
Alignment Chaotic Neutral, Lawful Evil
Element Life/Death/Blood
Species Humanoid, Yōkai
Appearance Woman with two mouths


The Futakuchi-Onna is a creature with origins in Japanese mythology. According to one story, Futakuchi-Onna are formed when a mother, favoring her own child over a stepchild, allows the unloved child to starve to death. The vengeful soul of the child fuses with the mother, causing a mouth to grow underneath her hair. Another story claims that Futakuchi-Onna can be formed when a woman, repressing a large amount of secrets, suddenly metamorphoses.


Futakuchi-Onna appear to be normal women, often of Japanese descent. However, on the back of their head, beneath their hair lies a hungering mouth. Futakuchi-Onna also have the ability to move their hair like tentacles.


Futakuchi-Onna rarely eat with their human mouth, but the mouth on the back of one's head eats twice as much as a normal human being. The mouth on the back of the head is sometimes able to speak, muttering obscenities and vulgarities and screeching when the Futakuchi-Onna is in pain or is hungry. If the Futakuchi-Onna was formed by starving a child, the mouth constantly repeats the phrase "I imprudently killed the stepchild. I was wrong."

Futakuchi Onna.jpg


Usually, the Futakuchi-Onna is only a danger to a miser's purse due to their strange eating habits. However, a Futakuchi-Onna may be able to use her prehensile hair to strangle or whip a perceived enemy into submission, and possibly even gulp the enemy down with her second mouth. Very old stories claim that the Futakuchi-Onna can also control spiders, but this may be caused by conflation with the Jorogumo.