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Alternate Names/Spellings
Origins Irish and Scottish mythology
Alignment Chaotic Neutral, Chaotic Good, Chaotic Evil
Species Fay
Appearance Handsome Male Fay

Also Called

  • Cancanagh/Ganconagh
  • Ganconer
  • Gan Ceánach/Gean Cánach/Geancanach
  • Love-Talker


The origins of the Gancanagh lay in Irish and Scottish mythology, legend and folklore. In Ireland, it is known far and wide as a slightly more innocuous, less nocturnal version of the Incubus; in Scotland, though, its exploits seem somewhat more tame.

As the creature is Fay in nature, the Gancanagh is also said to be a relative of the Leprechaun, Clurichaun, Far Darrig, and even the British Redcap.

Though the facts are unknown for absolutely sure, even among seasoned researchers, Gancanagh are speculated to be aligned to the seelie court, despite its rather randy behavior.


"Ah, can'tcha just picture it? The two of us --and maybe yer sister-- makin' sweet, sweet, passionate love out in the wilderness?
I can, darlin'...I can."

A handsome male fay, the Gancanagh typically has red, brown or black hair (although blond ones are occasionally seen).

It is more handsome than the average man, and can often be seen with an unlit wooden smoking pipe in its mouth.

However, fay cannot stand smoke, and so the Gancanagh will never actually use the pipe (this is undoubtedly just to appear more suave or charming to any potential lovers).

The Gancanagh commonly wears the attire of well-dressed middle-to-upper class Irishmen or Scotsmen.

"Beware the tunes that touch your heart.//
The gancanagh will play the soul//
Beware, sweet lass, don't crave his art//
He'll pierce your heart and leave a hole.//


Unlike the Incubus (with whom it is often compared), the Gancanagh is fairly laid-back and has no problem with males (of their own or another species); it especially enjoys, among men, the opportunity to hear and tell raunchy jokes. It is also very flirtatious with women, but often refrains from physical contact with a woman, unless it finds her attractive.

The only true problem the Gancangh has with other beings, in fact, is an overwhelming phobia of commitment, responsibility and serious relationships. While the Gancanagh loves mating with women (sometimes even numerous partners at a time), it prefers to sow its "wild oats" as much as possible; being too affectionate frightens it away; and being with the same woman for too long results in it getting bored (and eventually emotional cruelty; in particular, manipulating the woman for entertainment).

It is especially hedonistic, and sees anything short of a life fully-devoted to pleasure as a highly unattractive prospect. In particular, it is somewhat nocturnal, fond of nighttime activity, and craves the warmth of a fireplace (often, its idea of romance is not complete without a warm, roaring hearth or a bonfire).

Because of its personality (its fiery, passionate desire for the opposite sex, fondness of a pipe it cannot smoke, and especial desire to warm itself by any fireplace it should happen by), the Gancanagh was speculated in Scotland to have some preternatural connection to the element of fire. This speculation is generally accepted.

Sean picks a fight with the townsmen to impress the ladies...


  • Addictive Substance Generation- the ability to generate a chemical substance which induces mental and/or bodily dependency, (especially in women).
    • Addictive Touch- the ability to release an addictive chemical agent through physical contact.
  • Hypnotic Beauty- the ability to channel hypnotic power through aesthetically appealing features.
  • Hypnotic Charm- the ability to channel hypnotic power through gestures and social interactions.
  • Peak Condition- the ability to make use of an anatomy with optimum function and/or aesthetic appeal.


  • Smoke- Despite their tendency to carry smoking pipes, the Gancanagh, like other Fay, are repelled by smoke, and thus tend to avoid fires.


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