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"A toadstool is just as good to serve as a gnome stool."

--Anonymous Gnome Poet

Alternate Names/Spellings Gnomen
Alignment Lawful Neutral
Element Earth
Species Elemental
Appearance Diminutive Humanoid


The Gnome is one of a race of creatures with origins in Renaissance-Era European mythology, legend and folklore. In particular, accounts of its existence arose within the occult works of physician, botanist, alchemist, astrologer, and general occultist Philippus Aureolus Theophrastus Bombastus von Hohenheim (also known as Paracelsus)


In size, a Gnome might range in height from the size of a doll (youth) to the size of a human infant (as an adult). It is not uncommon that they are husky for their size, though this is not always the case. Among males, beards are common (some men grow both mustache and beard, but a barefaced adult male is rare to be seen). Hair tends to be kept short, aside from facial hair.

Gnomes are also known to dress humbly; it is not uncommon to see them in clothing made by their own family members, perhaps w/ patches to mend tears. And of course, among the most common defining fashion traits of a Gnome is the pointy cap they wear.

Los duendes


The origin and purpose of Gnomes' caps varies, depending on the group to which they belong.



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