Alternate Names/Spellings
Alignment Chaotic Good, Chaotic Neutral, Chaotic Evil
Species Goblinoid (sometimes said to be fay or elfin in origin)
Appearance Squat, ugly monster...

Also Called

  • Gobblin/Gobbelin
  • Gobelin/Gobeline
  • (f.) Goblette
  • Gobling
  • Goblino
  • Goblyn



"So, what brings you to THIS neck of the woods, kid?"

The Goblin is one of a race of creatures with origins in the mythology, legend and folklore of England. In particular, accounts of their existence first arise around the time of the Middle Ages. Their roles in various stories implies that the lineage of Goblins is connected to that of Elves and Fairies (perhaps as descendants of either species, or both).

The name 'Goblin' has a number of linguistic connections, including words indicative of a cave, a hollow in a cliff or a hole in a rock.


Goblins are a short, squat species, with taller adults reaching about five-and-a-half feet tall. They can be muscular or husky or fat, but most commonly tend to be thin.

Noses of Goblins may be pointed or snub. Their ears can be pointed or rounded. Eye color tends toward darker shades, but Goblins can potentially have any color eyes. It is fairly common to see Goblins with an overbite or an underbite.


"Whatta YOU lookin' at?"

Typical skin color for Goblins tends to include shades of green, gray, brown, though some also have orange or red skin. Their skin may have warts or a dry, pockmarked texture. Some Goblins have abundant body hair (though, facial hair is highly uncommon), while a number of Goblins have thin, scraggly hair; others are entirely bald.


Though not necessarily hostile or malevolent, Goblins, generally, tend toward mischief. They are known for playing pranks and vandalism. Many have noted that some Goblins have also shown themselves to be highly greedy, easily tempted to unsavory activities (ie pickpocketing, mugging) for the sake of money or material gain.

Besides this, Goblins are a highly social species. The social gatherings of Goblins may range from a friendly or mated pair, to a family of multiple generations, to a restless gang, to a raucous mob. They are rarely found walking around by themselves.

And if Goblins do find themselves alone, they are most likely to have been separated from their social group involuntarily (ie imprisonment or death of a loved one). Moreover, it should be noted that Goblins are not known, by any measure, for having racist or xenophobic tendencies; they happily welcome any and every creature that shows themselves to be enjoyable company.


"I suppose you thought we were all green..."

However, this social behavior can vary between Goblin groups. For some, this means living in a populous area where they have numerous opportunities to interact with other humanoids, while some live more in seclusion, either with their birth family and/or found family (ie at least one mate, a friend group, a master, a gang, a cult).

Some have even maintained life in a manner after their ancestors, dwelling in caves or underground tunnels.


  • Magic- the ability to channel supernatural energy to induce and manipulate events and phenomena.



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