"The only wish I will grant is a DEATH WISH!"

--Hanra Djinn-Kaszai, Half-Djinn

Alternate Names/Spellings Half-Janna, Half-Jinn, (type) Nasnas
Origins Islamic Religion, Middle Eastern Mythology
Alignment Any (Chaotic tendencies)
Element All
Species Hybrid Being
Appearance Humanoid with djinn traits...


The Half-Djinn is a creature with origins in the mythology, legend and folklore of Africa and Arabia. In particular, there is an account pertaining to historical African ruler, Susu Sumanguru, as having a Djinn for a father. Likewise, there are accounts about Bilqis, the Queen of Sheba, as being the daughter of a human man, and a Djinn princess.


As various as the appearance of their parents, the Djinni, so, too, are the appearances of Half-Djinn. They may have any number of skin colors, across the color spectrum, any numbers of arms, legs, eyes or other body parts.

Their hair may be any color, any texture, and while not particularly common, some might have animalistic and/or demonic physical features (wings, horns, claws, animal fur patterns, etc). Conversely, some half-Djinn may appear, for all intents and purposes (aside from any abilities they display) as completely and utterly human.


A Half-Ifrit...



Most noted among a Half-Djinn's abilities, it is common that they can fly, phase through solid material, and age very slowly (perhaps over the course of centuries).


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