Hound of Mons
Hound of mons
The hunter of the trenches...
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Alignment Neutral Evil
Species Canine
Appearance Large Siberian Woldhound


The result of Horrific Mythic experiments by German scientist Dr. Gottlieb Hochmuller during World War One, with the intention of creating the ultimate terror weapon. Utilizing one of the many types of Black Hound, Dr. Hochmuller removed the myths brain and inserted the mind of a deranged killer. After being given time to heal, the Hound was given training and released into no mans land. After two years of terrifying the British front, the Hound vanished.


The hound appears to be a giant sized Siberian wolfhound, roughly double it's normal size. The creature is jet black.


The Battlefield is the Hounds hunting ground, and he will always be found upon one. While there, it will choose a side to support, favoring groups that have less Anglo-Saxons, and begin terrorizing the enemy. It does this by letting itself be seen and heard, letting out load howls in the night to wake and terrify sleeping soldiers. It will attack lone men and groups of up to three people, tearing out their throats and leaving them for their comrades to find.

The beast is known to feed on human corpses, although whether this is another terror tactic or if it enjoys the taste is up for debate. The Hounds was last reported stalking a particularly combat heavy part of Iraq.


The Hound of Mons is extremely durable, and completely immune to small arms fire. It possesses great intelligence and shows a vast knowledge of psychological warfare. The Hound is able to move completely silently, and is able to run long distances without rest.

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