Kaster by humon-d79w6sp
Alternate Names/Spellings Kraster, kestaur
Origins Slavic Mythology, Legend and Folklore
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Element Earth/Metal/Sand, Light
Species Nymphet
Appearance Bejeweled male humanoid


The Kaster is a creature with origins in Slavic mythology, legend and folklore. In particular, accounts of its existence first arise in the mythology, legend and folklore of Finland and Denmark.


Handsome human males with gems, minerals or other valuable nature found items growing from their skin. Either naked or wearing only a cloak or blanket.


Kaster usually sleep in the sun, waiting for a human to get tempted by the valuables on their bodies. People are free to take as much gems as they want, but if they touch the bare skin of the kestar, it wakes up and kidnaps the human.

They may also directly target priests, monks or nobles, people expected to be pure in intention. They will approach the home of the human and knock on the door, often during cold or stormy nights. The human may let them in, in which case it becomes clear they are covered in gems. The reveal either comes from light finally shining onto them or the blanket being dropped. To reward the person, the kaster offers the gems on it's body. If the person agrees, he will be kidnapped. In some versions, the kaster will move and purposely make the human touch the skin before kidnapping the person. If the person refuses and simply offers food, the kaster will leave by morning. People are never visited more then once.

The second strategy seems to punish or pick out the greedy monks and priests.


Growing gems, crystals and minerals from the skin. Slowed or halted aging. Immunity to banishing from priests.

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