Alternate Names/Spellings
Alignment Lawful Evil
Species Magical Beast/Fay
Appearance Aquatic Equine


The Kelpie is a type of Scottish fairy horse. The leading theory is that they are horses who escaped their fae masters and hid in the water when the fairies came looking for them.


A Kelpie can range in color from dark black to white, to a sickly, glass like green. It is also constantly dripping water, and may have water weed in its hair. The Kelpie, like most Fairies, can cast glamour and appear as a human, but the wetness and the weeds will always be apparent while it is playing a human.


River kelpie by stormwing

The Kelpie lurks in the lochs and rivers of Scotland, waiting like a crocodile. When it see’s someone it will either leave the water in horse form and attempted to coax the person onto its back. If the person touches any part of the Kelpie its skin becomes extremely sticky, and the horse will pull the person into the nearest body of water to drown and devour. This trick it especially used against children, which the kelpie favors over all other targets.

Its other method of hunting is to cast it’s glamour and appear as a beautiful member of the opposite sex to tempt the traveler into the water, either by pleading for help or offering sensual favors. If no travelers pass by its home for several days it may assume human form and go hunting for food in nearby villages.

An interesting facet of kelpie behavior is that if you somehow obtain its bridle it will become tame, and is forced to submit to your every whim.


The Kelpie can breathe and swim in the water as if it was a fish, and it is able to secrete an adhesive substance from its skin at will. Its illusions are controlled either from sparing water from its nostrils, its bridle, or some combination of both.

The Kelpie is also exceedingly strong, the Kelpie is able to run 10 hordes without any rest. A Kelpie can also pull one big boat out of the water with no help from others.

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