Kishi low
Alternate Names/Spellings Mukisi, Nkishi
Species Humanoid (Chimera)
Appearance Human-and-Hyena-faced humanoid...


The Kishi is a creature with origins in the mythology, legend and folklore of Angola, Africa. In particular, accounts of its existence first arise in the mythology, legend and folklore of Angola (among the Kimbundu tribes).


At first sight, the Kishi resembles any other African man native to the region, but the Kishi has a second head hidden behind it's long hair. The second head is that of a hyena.


The Kishi uses it's charm in order to lure beautiful women. In some legends, the Kishi will take its victim to a secluded area and proceed to eat her, but in other versions of the myth, the Kishi will marry his victim and have a child with her. After the child is born, he will eat his wife and take the child away with him. The child will then be raised to become a flesh-eater like its father.

It is said that the Kishi will terrorize it's victims before eating them.


The Kishi has the ability to charm it's victims as well as an incredibly strong jaw to eat them. Once the Kishi has bitten down on someone, it is said that it is impossible to pull the creature off of its victim.

According to some myths the Kishi is a shape-shifter who can be in the form of a hyena, a man, or a skull.


It is said that the creature can be warded off by fire or by magic but can also be killed with ordinary weapons.

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