Leanan Sidhe
Leanan sidhe by raevynewings-d31l7ay
Alternate Names/Spellings
Alignment Lawful Neutral
Element Air/Wind/Sky, Light, Mind/Spirit/Psychic
Species Fay
Appearance Elfin Humanoid


Like many of the Fay, The origins of Leanan Sidhe are mysterious at best. However, the Celts (Ancestors of the Irish) are among the first to note their existence on the Mortal Plane.


Leanan Sidhe have a variety of appearances, though most of these are seemingly human. Regardless of various skin, hair, and body types that Leanan Sidhe go through, they are always stunningly beautiful. Something about the way they look spurs people into inspiration.


Years matter to a Leanan Sidhe. Unlike some of their cousins these fay age quite rapidly, and in order to remain young in appearance Leanan Sidhe must drain the life force of others. However, In the nature of many others of their kind, They have a compulsion to make a fair deal with others. Because of this Leanan Sidhe appear in the dreams of artists and musicians, offering inspiration in return for years from the mortal's life.

Paramour of the Leanan Sidhe-1-

*Sigh* "Ah wonder when Morgana will return..."


A Leanan Sidhe can inspire any mortal to new heights of creativity with ease. They can also drain life from a mortal osmotically, slowly aging them. These Sidhe are natural dream walkers, able to appear in dreams and even control them. Like almost all of their kind, the possess a great deal of longevity and the ability to return to and leave the Other World, the strange home of the Fay.


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