"Seize them!"

--Every villain, ever

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Alignment Lawful Evil, Neutral Evil, Chaotic Evil
Species Undead
Appearance Deathly-Decayed Aristocrat


Some men will brave the darkest corners of the world in search of forbidden, everlasting power. And those that practice the dark art of necromancy for numerous years and succeed, will find that their mastery of the forbidden art will carry them past even deaths firm grip.

Overtime or through a deliberate elaborate ritual, necromancers can lose their flesh and all semblance of past humanity and become completely skeletal much like their minions. Except their intellect, willpower and their sorcery will be just as powerful if not more so after the process!

However in these corpse like forms despite they're power they could still easily be killed. So most liches in order to remain anchored on the psychical plane of existence will have stored away a phylactery containing they're soul, as long as it remains, so will they.

Many a hero has rejoiced too soon after killing a lich, only to be struck down by a shower of black thunderbolts when the lich resurrects itself.

A lich is simply an undead necromancer. Only the strongest and most skilled of Necromancers can achieve the transformation into a lich most die due to a lack of power and become wraiths.


Liches usually appear as animated skeletons wrapped in ragged dark robes. Usually glowing orbs of magical energy burn from their eye sockets; an intimidating testament to their unbridled, dark power. Its not uncommon for them to carry an enchanted, life sucking scythe or a magical staff imbued with chaotic energies or a spell book containing thousands of malicious spells.

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Most liches are single minded and utterly devoted to furthering their own personal goals, be it furthering their knowledge of the dark arts, gaining increased power, causing mayhem or seeking dominion over all others.

And because of their aversion to sunlight and the fact that most of the world fear and despise their kind, they lead for the most part very solitary lives.

Lurking and scheming in hidden caves, forgotten ruins, abandoned castles, anywhere they can hide, experiment and strengthen their forces for future attacks on living settlements.



All liches are masters of the necromantic arts, they wouldn't be liches otherwise. And as a master necromancer they have a huge variety of life consuming spells and enslaving powers. The most obvious being the ability to raise undead legions to fight for them on a whim.

And as a lich, they're capable of controlling and unleashing all the horrific forms of the undead: skeletons, zombies, mummies, wraithes, undead ogres, undead giants, ghouls, wights, even other liches!

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