Lightning Monster
Alternate Names/Spellings
Origins African Mythology
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Element Air/Wind/Sky, Lightning/Thunder/Electricity
Species Magical Beast (Chimera)
Appearance Half-goat, half-crocodile...


The Lightning Monster is a creature with origins in African mythology, legend and folklore, especially in the South African country of Zambia.


The Lightning Monster is said to resemble an electrified animal hybrid, with the foreparts of a goat, and the hindparts of a crocodile.


In typical circumstances, the creature lives in 'the sky' (perhaps the literal sky, or more likely, its native elemental plane; the Elemental Plane of Air, Energy or Electricity). When storms occur, they make their appearance on the mortal plane. It is believed that they use this method to go hunting for food.

Should their means of travel be severed, however, they will remain on the mortal plane, causing untold damage. They will not cease their destructive rampage until hunted down and slain.


Lightning Monsters' powers are naturally electrical in nature. They can generate metaphysical tethers that allow them to descend from the sky at light-speed, a phenomenon that humans recognize as lightning strikes.

Should their tethers be severed somehow, however, they go about a destructive romp, moving about the land at literal lightning speed. Aside from their speed, they generate unreal amounts of electrical power. As such, they are naturally powerful electrical conductors and absorbers.


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