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--Trademark call of the Mahaha

Alternate Names/Spellings
Origins Inuit/Eskimo Mythology
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Element Ice
Species Humanoid (Monstrous Humanoid)
Appearance Mad, frigid humanoid


The Mahaha is a creature with origins in Inuit mythology, legend and folklore.


The Mahaha resembles an emaciated Inuk ('Eskimo'), dressed in torn Inuk clothes. Their skin appears at least mildly blue (putrid and badly frostbitten), and their hair is often long, brittle and frozen stiff. Their eyes are often pale blue, or gray, or perhaps white without irises. They have a long, sharp set of fingernails, to boot.

"Tickle, tickle..."


Mahaha are singular creatures, roaming solitary across the Arctic.

The Inuit saw this spirit from time to time, always with minimal clothing. He giggles and smiles at the Aboriginals with a creepy appearance about him.

Elders say that these nails are responsible for the Mahaha’s victims, as he constantly tickles those he encounters to death. If an Aboriginal was found dead with a bizarre smile across his or her face, the tribe assumed it was the work of the Mahaha.

Even though the little creature is vicious, he could be fooled easily. In fact, many of the tales told by Elders explain how the Mahaha was fooled into his demise. For instance, many say that the Mahaha was tricked to bend over to drink water, and pushed by the Aboriginals into the currents.

What has been seen cannot be unseen...


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